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Our Investigators Locate Those Individuals Crucial To Your Case In A Timely And Efficient Manner

Companies and individuals pursuing litigation and those contemplating legal actions require information and investigation. Principle Diversified Group’s investigative and research resources can reduce litigation expenses by providing information needed to determine whether litigation is warranted, a claim be denied or a settlement negotiated.

Principle Diversified Group prides itself on its resourcefulness, whatever the complexity, scope and budget of a client project.

Relying on Principle Diversified Group throughout all phases of their cases, attorneys have counted on us to locate and interview witnesses, gather and verify facts, develop evidence, reconstruct events, assess hostile or expert witnesses and locate assets.

Principle Diversified Group charges a standard fee for coverage of a five county area, including: Cambria, Somerset, Bedford, Blair, and Indiana. All other areas, please contact us for a price quote.

Available Services:

  • Court appearances
  • Workers’ Compensation hearings
  • Notification notices
  • Depositions
  • Civil cases
  • Criminal cases
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